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Grass shears are small, hand-held shrub and grass trimmers. They are used for precise trimming and are particularly suitable for topiary work. Grass shears look similar to hair clippers and leave a cut that is so smooth that you can mold with it.


Of course, the most convenient grass shears are the wireless electrical models. You can use the corded model, but the length of the extension cord limits it, and you must use a thick extension cord to get maximum performance. There is a distinct danger that the cable will be severed while cutting and this can lead to an electric shock.




Types Of Cordless Grass Shears


  • Manual Grass Shears
  • Electric Grass Shears


There are different types of grass shears. Some are handled manually. These are just huge scissors used for detail cutting. While some are designed to be operated with one hand, others are larger and can only be operated with both hands.


Other electric models are more popular because they require less effort, they are usually easy to use and are also very fast and durable.


Manual Grass Shears


The most common and usually cheapest grass shears you can buy is the manual grass shears, this type of grass shears works much like the normal pair of scissors we have at home.


Below are two types of grass shears that you’ll see on the market:


1. Vertical Blade Orientation


There are manual type grass shears that the blade is designed vertically, these types of grass shears are generally suitable for edging.


The vertical blade makes it easier to cut grasses between two spaces that can not be reached by any other grass cutting tool.


2. Horizontal Blade Orientation


Grass shears with horizontal blade orientation are commonly used to cut grass in natural flat areas. People who have small lawns prefer to use this type of grass shears for cutting grass because it is very cheap to buy.


In addition to the blade orientation, the manual type grass shears can still be divided into two categories, which are based on the length of the handle, namely short handle and long handle manual grass shears.


Electric Grass Shears


In addition to the manual grass shears, there are also grass shears that use electricity. This type of grass shears works in much the same way as hair clippers except for the fact that it is bigger and stronger.


Similar to the manual grass shears, the electric grass shears can be divided into different categories.


1. Corded Electric Grass Shares


Corded grass shears usually require an extension cord to operate it. In case you need to use grass shears in an area where there is no power source, you may experience problems using this type of grass shears. The cordless grass shear is the best alternative for you.


2. Cordless Electric Grass Shears


Judging by its name, this type of grass shears does not need a cord to function, Usually uses a battery to operate which is also rechargeable. A disadvantage of this grass shear is that the battery could be empty before you are done with the work. A spare battery is a good decision, although it can cost you some money.


Same as the manual grass shears, the electric grass shears can also be divided into two categories based on its handle, they are the long handle electric grass shears and short handle electric grass shears. There are various types of cordless grass shears namely Gardena, Makita, Worx, Black & Decker, Sun Joe, Serene Life, Ryobi, East, Earthwise and Ryobi 2910.



Things To Consider When Buying Cordless Grass Shears


  • What Do You Need To Cut?
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Size And Weight
  • Battery
  • Grip And Ergonomics
  • Blade Length


What Do You Need To Cut?


If you have more than just grass in your garden, Getting a full shed of outdoor power tools could be tempting. Although this may be required in certain situations, you may be able to reduce the number of tools you purchase by selecting tools with general purpose capabilities. Some cordless grass shears, such as WORX, have additional features that allow you to work more than just cutting grass.


If you have grass or bushes that need to be woven or edges that need to be trimmed, you may find a tool that does all of this. To easily find out if a set of shears can do all of your work, Look at the heads that come with them. Each head usually serves its purpose apart from shearing grass. In particular, topiary gardening is much more difficult without a good automated tool.


Age can also be a factor. When you are of advanced age, it is simply not realistic to work in the garden manually. One can also argue that this is a waste of time. Electric grass shears would be really useful to an elderly person who wants to work a lot in the garden. If you are not concerned about serious time or health restrictions, you may not need them.




This is the most important factor. No matter how good your grass shears are, you want to make sure it works as long as possible. Checking the warranty information is a good start. A strong warranty is a good sign because the company is ready to support its products. A weak warranty can point to a bad sale that costs your money and sells you bad grass shears.




Of course, you do not want to spend a fortune on a small tool. It’s not something you need to use every day, so you probably can not spend a lot of money here. However, do not forget that the cheapest option is the worst option. But they are usually not too expensive.


Size And Weight


One of the main reasons to buy cordless grass shears is the convenience. You want something that is simple and easy. A cordless model usually offers 45 minutes to one hour of continuous work. If you choose a lightweight and compact model, you can be sure that you will get the best out of every charge. The average weight is between two and four pounds.




Battery life is very important for any cordless device. Staying with lithium-ion batteries, not nickel-cadmium batteries is good. Nickel-cadmium batteries have a problem called the “memory effect.” This happens when the battery is partially charged. The battery remembers where charging started, and there is a loss of power when the charge drops below this point. This is not the case with lithium-ion batteries.


You should also consider the battery voltage. Batteries for electric grass shears are generally in the 3.6-volt range. However, some are up to 7.2 volts. Keep in mind that larger batteries add more weight, but allow longer working hours.


Grip And Ergonomics


Comfort is also an important factor. No one wants to use a clumsy and uncomfortable tool that is not wieldy in hand. You should hold the grass shears in your hand and see what it feels like before you buy them. For those of you who deal with detailed topiary sculptures, this will be even more important. Precision design requires attention to detail, which can be difficult if hampered by an uncomfortable or poorly balanced tool.

And your shears should be easy to hold. A good rubber hand grip is ideal, but anything that fits safely in your hand is good enough. Most shears have two switches, but only one of them is used while the sheer is operating. The exact position of these switches varies. So you should make sure they are conveniently located for you.


Blade Length


Usually, there are some variations in the length of the shears blade. Remember, the bigger is not always better because your needs may not require a long tool. Most grass shears come with two removable blades. One will be about 4 to 5 inches long and looks like the end of your hair clippers. The other looks like a blade to cut the edge, and are usually between six and eight inches long. There are various types of cordless grass shears head namely the Hedge Trimmer, Toboggan Head and the Dual-Bladed Head.



Best Cordless Grass Shears With Extension Handle – Reviews





Precautions When Using Cordless Grass Shears


Since the cordless grass shears are bladed tools, safety during use is of utmost importance. Research has shown that the most common injury caused by grass shears are laceration of the fingers which shouldn’t be a surprise to you.


First, make sure the blades are lubricated and sharp. This ensures that they perform their work without unnecessary friction, which can lead to a loss of control.


Also, make sure you always wear eye protection. Although this machine is designed for grass cutting only, it is always possible for you to hit something else and send small fragments that fly into the air or your eyes.


A pair of thick gloves and long-sleeved shirts would be the most important safety features, and you should always check the area you want to trim. Before you press the power button, you must turn on the safety. When the device is in operation, you can release the safety switch. You must keep pressing the power button to enable the device to keep running. Avoid touching the safety button while the machine is running as this may lead to unforeseen damage.