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Whether it is your first time getting lawn care tools for your home, or you are a professional who wishes to upgrade your equipment, getting a lawn mower is of great importance. Not only does it make landscaping easier but also faster and a more exciting experience you can ever have.


With a lawnmower, you can complete your cutting task in a short time and accurately. However, a lawn mower is an investment just like any other, and you must be cautious when getting one to ensure that you purchase the right one.


Below we will review some of the best gas lawn mowers you can get for under $300 but we would recommend that you also read the other sections in this article so you can make a more informed decision when purchasing your mower.


Best Gas Lawn Mowers For Under $300 – Reviews & Recommendations





Types Of Lawn Mowers


  • Cylinder Lawn Mowers
  • Rotary Lawn Mower
  • Hover Lawn Mower


Lawnmowers are straightforward equipment. For example, they all have wheels to help in navigation around your yard. They, however, come in different types and designs, and each of them has its distinctive pros and cons. Let’s have a look at some of these types of lawn mowers.



Cylinder Lawn Mowers


Just as the name suggests, these mowers have a cylinder with several blades which spiral around the machine. As the cylinder rotates, the grass is forced in between the cylinder blades and another straight cutting blade. The results are a scissor-like cutting on the grass as long as the blades are sharp and in good condition. They are best for anyone who wishes to get a short excellent grass cut and those who want a mower that allows for adjustment of cutting widths. This type of mower has its advantages and disadvantages as follows;




  • It gives quality cutting – expect a clean cut as it cuts like scissors leaving a neatly cut yard.
  • Flat finish – the mower provides a uniform kind of finish with stripes. You will love the results and leaves your yard looking classy and elegant.
  • Best for fine couch grasses – although it can be used on other types of grass, it works best on these fine couch grasses.
  • You get a carpet-like lawn – the fact that it cuts uniformly and neatly ensures that you get nothing but a well-dressed garden. You would think that a carpet was laid.




  • It is heavy and at times can be hard to store.
  • It is costly, both buying and maintaining its moving parts.
  • It is not suitable for long grasses.


Rotary Lawn Mower


This type of mower comes with a single high-speed rotating blade located underneath the machine. Due to its high speed, the blade cuts grass on impact giving you a neat and uniform lawn. Most rotary mowers also have a box behind where all the cut grass goes. They are best when used for a medium to high cut. The mower is suitable for individuals who want a self-propelled mower, especially those who struggle with pushing heavy lawn mowers or want to work in a large yard.




  • Super affordable.
  • They are flexible as they can be used on different lawn types and suitable for cutting long grass.
  • Easy and cheap to maintain.
  • They are compact.
  • They have a few moving parts, which make them reliable.




  • The blades wear out fast if kept under sandy conditions.
  • They could ruin your lawn if you are unable to control them as they use the slasher style for cutting.


Hover Lawn Mower


These mowers are like an upgraded version of rotary lawn mowers which use an impeller on the blades which helps in creating an air cushion this lifting the mower above the ground. It floats on the grass, which enhances easier movement and navigation.




  • They are easy to maneuver in any direction.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are affordable.




  • Not suitable for cutting long grass
  • Height adjustment is a challenge



Electric Or Gas Lawn Mower?


Everyone wishes to cut down on costs and among the most challenging expenses to cut are power bills. When getting a lawn mower, you have to consider this aspect too. Which is better between an electric and gas lawn mower? This guide will assist you in making the right decision.


Gas Lawn Mower


This mower comes with both an oil reservoir and a gas tank which it uses to store its power and power its engine. You need to get quality gasoline to refill the tank when need be.  You should also note that you should not keep the gas for an extended period without use as it may spoil and end up destroying the tank. It works through combustion which results in smoke production which can be unpleasant.


About the distance covered by a gas lawn mower, you can count on it to keep running for as long as the tank is filled with the right gasoline. This makes it suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. Also, these types of mowers are somehow self-propelled which makes them ideal for large spaces.


Other than smoke production, the other unpleasant aspect of these mowers is that they can be a bit loud thus not recommendable if you are working in a calm neighborhood to avoid disturbance. When it comes to operation and maintenance, you need to be ready and willing to give it your all. The engine takes a lot to maintain including fuel filters and changing the spark plugs among other components.


Electric Mower


When it comes to the power source, the mowers use rechargeable batteries to store their power.  You can charge these batteries by connecting them to a garage outlet. The batteries vary in size, with large ones requiring regular charging even when not in use. Note that subjecting the batteries to extreme temperatures could affect their performance.


Regarding the space covered by the electric mowers, typically a full battery will run for about an hour before it begins to wind down and you need to recharge it. This makes the mowers suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. The most exciting part is that if you have several batteries, you can switch to another if you notice any winding up which allows you to work on a larger lawn.


What about noise production? Electric mowers produce minimum noise and are best if you are operating in a strict neighborhood when it comes to noise pollution. Maintaining an electric mower is easier compared to a gas lawn mower. You only need to ensure that the battery is well kept, keep the mower clean and you are good to go.




Both the electric and gas lawn mowers tend to have relatively similar costs but with the gas mower, be ready to incur extra expenses like buying gasoline from time to time, unlike the electric ones where battery replacement may take some time.


Both types have excellent safety features, and you can trust any of them, but the gas mowers tend to deal with many hazardous substances compared to electric and you must be cautious with them. The electric mowers are much lighter than the gas mowers.


With these points, you can quickly decide which one will work best for you based on your specific needs. It will depend on your budget and lawn care needs. For example, if you have a very small or large yard, go with a gas mower. If you want to work in a medium-sized yard, the electric mower will work best for you. If you have struggles pushing the mower, go for the gas as it is easier to navigate than the electric. If you want to save your money, an electric mower could help you do that as it comes with minimum expenses.



Features To Look For In A Lawn Mower


  • The Cutting Height.
  • Grass Collector.
  • Battery Type.
  • Mulching.
  • Long Switch.


You cannot just go to the market and pick the first lawn mower that you come across. You must ensure that what you get fits all your needs. Some of the features to guide you are;


The Cutting Height


The cutting height indicates the height above the grass which you intend to cut. This feature can be adjusted as the year goes by and the grass growth progresses. It is best if you check a mower with a single height adjuster rather than going through the struggle of adjusting each wheel. Some mowers will even need you to remove and replace the wheels or remove the blade in mowers lie hover. Make sure that the mower you purchase offers you a convenient method of height adjustment.


Grass Collector


This is a plastic box or could be a cloth bag meant for holding the grass clippings as you cut. The size here matters a lot as it will determine how fast and convenient the process will be. For example, a large box is ideal as you do not have to keep emptying it before you finish your cutting task. It saves you from making countless trips which in return saves your time.


Also, check if the box has space where you can see through or an indicator to show when the collector is full. This feature is, however, present only in a few types of mowers.


Battery Type


This applies to the electric mowers. You want a battery with long life; one that will allow you to work on a large space without the need for recharging. For example, the Lithium-ion batteries are the best for cordless mowers. They are made to offer similar power with NiCD batteries, but they have a longer lifespan. They are a bit expensive too but entirely worth the value of the money paid. Do not go for a poor performing battery in the name of low cost.




Mulching mowers allow you to recut the clippings into tiny pieces of grass before bellowing them on to the mower. This is in a case where the grass is too long. Some mowers will have a plastic or metal plate which blocks the prevent grass from exiting the grass collector while others have a knob which helps in converting the collects to mulch.


Long Switch


Some mowers have one operating switch located on the right-hand switch, and you have to hold it down for the mower to work. A long switch allows you to use your two hands when switching the mower on. This enhances convenience and saves you from strains. It is also ideal for the left-handed.



What Size Of Lawn Mower Do I Need?


Getting the right size of the lawn mower makes a massive difference regarding ease to use. You do not want to get a very large or very small mower as it could be a struggle. Large could be ideal for someone else but not for you, and the vice versa is true. The size of the mower will mainly depend on the size of the lawn as follows.


Mowers For Small Lawns


In this case, an electric mower could be ideal for you as most of them are small, lightweight and easy to maneuver around your small garden. You can go for a hover lawn mower. It will help you do the job faster than other types. Getting a huge mower for a small lawn will give you trouble navigating and ensuring that all corners are worked on.


Mowers For Medium-Sized Lawn


This lawn is over 50 sqm but under 150 sqm. You want a mower that will be easy to navigate around and also make sure that the box or collector is big enough to hold all the grass. The most ideal lawnmower in this case will be approximately 35 to 40 cm cutting width.


Mowers For Large Gardens


Now here you will need the biggest lawn mower you can find in the market. Something that will help you cut a large space all at once and saves you the cutting time. A large lawn is over 150sqm, and the best mower cutting width should be over 40 cm.


The size of the lawn mower is determined based on the width of the blade. The larger the blade, the larger the lawn mower and the more the grass you will be able to cut all at one pass. This aspect should not be overlooked.



Definitions For Buying A Lawn Mower


You may come across some complex terms when shopping for the mower, and you are not familiar with them or do not know what they mean, you may end up making the wrong decision. Here is a list of the commonly used terms;


Key Smart – this applies to most petrol mowers. The key start is used as an alternative for the pull cord starting method. It is a battery operated key, and you may need to charge it when the battery dies.

Cutting width – the term refers to the width of the blade the cutting width determines how much grass the mower can cut at one pass. Here you have to consider the size of your lawn before deciding on the best cutting width that will work for you. A large garden will need the largest blade, mostly over 40cm while a small garden may need about 30cm.

Cutting height – this refers to the height that the mower will cut your lawn too. The cutting height is adjustable which allows you to change as the growth of the grass changes. For example, you may need to use the highest cutting height at the beginning of the year and reduce it gradually as the year passes by.

Grass collector – this is like a box or cloth bag attached on the lawn mower, and its purpose is to hold the grass clippings. The collectors vary in size. The smaller it is, the more you need to empty it frequently and the larger it is, the higher the chances of working in a large area without the need of making trips to the bin.

Cable length – this applies to the electric mowers. You need to check the distance between your lawn and the powerpoint to help you determine the ideal length of the cable. If you get a short cable, you will be limited and in this case, you can opt to use an outdoor extension cable or go for a petrol or cordless mower.

Self-propelled – there are different kinds of mowers among them being the self-propelled. These are mowers that propel themselves thus taking the stress off your shoulder during operation. They make work easier especially for individuals with back problems or when you need to work on a large lawn.

Mulching – also referred to as recycling, it is a situation where the grasses clippings are blocked from entering the collection box but instead stay around the blade area. They are then cut finely into smaller pieces and then dropped on the lawn. The results are a greener field since no nutrients are lots in the clippings.

Side discharge – this is present when the mower has the mulching feature. The side discharge is an area on one side of the mower where the grass cuttings ate dumped to as you cut.
Weight – this is simply a term used to determine who light or heavy a lawnmower is. It also determines who hard or easy it will be for you when pushing or moving it around the lawn.





Lawnmowers exist in different kinds and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Again, not any mower can be fit to perform the task you’re having at hand. You’ll need the right lawn mower for the right job. Fortunately, at this point, you’ll be in a better position to make a good decision of the type of a lawn mower that fits your lawn needs. Good luck!