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best strimmer for long grass



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A garden strimmer is an ideal option if you can’t afford a lawn mower but want to keep the turf in your backyard or front lawn well trimmed. A strimmer is an essential gardening tool that helps to keep lawns looking their best as they can trim hard to reach areas such as around trees, the edges of your lawn, and other objects.


They are perfect for keeping long grasses, weeds, and shrubbery under control. Grass strimmers are designed to be maneuverable and lightweight so they can be used easily from a standing position. Generally speaking, when it comes to buying a strimmer the more you pay the better quality model you get. A cheap strimmer may seem like a bargain at first but may give out after some time whereas a higher-quality and more expensive model will last a long time.


With so many products available on the market to choose from, selecting the best model for your individual needs can be daunting. This buying guide will help to make the decision process easier so you can pick the one that best suits the work that needs attention in your lawn or yard.



Why Do You Need A Strimmer


Grass strimmers are beneficial in several ways – edging the lawn, tidying hard to reach areas, trimming long grass around immovable objects, cutting larger areas of grasses, cutting down a meadow at the end of the season and cutting down areas of brambles, nettles, or other weeds. Below are some of its benefits.


Ease of Use


There are other gardening tools you can use for mowing and trimming of grasses in the lawn, however, there is none that offers you the ease of use like a grass strimmer. Mowing, trimming, or edging with this tool can be very easy as you don‘t need to be a professional before you can use it. Regardless of the type you decide to buy, the machine is easy to start.


For an electric type, just plug it in an electric outlet and switch it to start working with it. For the battery type once you have charged the battery all you have to do is switch the machine on and you are ready to start working. Also, the gas-powered type is easy to use. Most of the available models and brands have rubberized and cushioned handle that helps to avoid hand fatigue.


Less Impact On The Environment


Generally, they have less impact or effect on the environment. Battery and electric powered options will not cause your neighbors any distraction when you are working with it in the garden. For those who do not want to cause any sound pollution, these tools are the best option. Also, these types of strimmers do not cause any discharge of fume or gas to the atmosphere.


Lightweight and Flexible


Another benefit of this tool is that it is lighter than most grass cutting or weed trimming tools used for gardening. There are models that are so lightweight that some older children may be able to use them in the garden. It is a great tool to teach children how to cut or trim grasses. You can easily hold and lift the trimmer for long hours when working with it.


Working Faster


One other advantage of using a weed eater is that it will help you work faster. As mentioned earlier, grass strimmers are easy and light to work with, thus helping to complete your work easier and faster. These tools will help you save time so you can focus on doing other things.


Less Maintenance


Garden strimmers do not have many parts, so they may require less maintenance and repair work. Thus, they are more economical when you compare them with other gardening tools used for trimming, mowing, and edging grasses.



What To Look For When Buying A Strimmer


  • Weight
  • Maneuverability
  • Shaft Design
  • Handle Design
  • Power Efficiency
  • Line Feed
  • Power Source


Top on the list of what you should look for when buying this garden tool is the ease of use. The best strimmer has to be comfortable to use. Here are some factors that will affect how easy it is to operate the machine.




A lightweight model will be easier to push than those with heavy construction. For instance, gas-powered options are usually lighter than electric models. Note that any additional attachment you buy will add to the overall operating weight. So it is important to always check the complete weight and dry weight with the attachments different brands state as part of their product specifications.




The maneuverability of any strimmer depends on the handle design and shaft design. The shaft design determines the steering ease, especially when trying to maintain a cutting path or around corners. On the other hand, the handle design will help you operate the machine without having painful blisters.


Shaft Design


Basically, grass strimmers come with three types of shaft design: curved, straight, and split shafts.


Curved Shaft – When you plan to cover a large area on ground level, curved shafts will offer you a comfortable position to do that. However, they are a little difficult to use for underneath bushes trimming. Curved shafts are easier to maneuver and hold, making it a better choice for shorter users. Also, it has a design that makes it convenient for users to keep the cutting head perpendicular to the ground.


Straight Shafts – This is the second most common design will find on strimmer. Although they are not as comfortable to use as curved shafts in terms of usage, they are more practical when you want a greater reach in awkward areas. A straight shaft is sometimes better for taller people because it is longer and its design allows you to trim without bending or kneeling to keep the head of the strimmer closer to the ground.


Split Shafts – There are also options with split shafts. They are ideal for bush cutting, hedge trimming, edging, and pruning as they allow you to connect multiple attachments.


Handle Design


The handle design is another factor that affects the maneuverability of strimmers. It is important to an option with soft padded handles and anti-vibration technology if you want to avoid blisters from using this tool. Garden strimmers come in a variety of handle shapes.


For instance, cow or bike horn handles are well known for their better control and grip when steering with both hands. There are also those with loop shape handles you can operate with just one hand. The handle design of a strimmer has a huge impact on your comfort level when you are using it even though it is a matter of individual preferences.


Power Efficiency 


If you choose a gas-powered option, ensure you compare the fuel efficiency of different brands. These models have different engine sizes and greater output than the electric option. Larger cc engines can cope with patches of long areas or coarse weeds. You can check the power rating of your desired electric grass strimmer as well. The most energy efficient grass trimmer is one that consumes the least number of watts without compromising on the cutting power.


Line Feed


When choosing the best strimmer for long grasses, compare the line feed mechanism the machine uses. Grass strimmer lines are usually replaced in any of the three ways explained below.


Bump Feed – Strimmers bump their bases against the ground with this mechanism. Thus, a small amount of line is released by the springs. This line feed mechanism is reliable and quick, so it is often used in many grass strimmers models.


Automatic Feed – This type of line feed passes the line automatically without having to bump the base. It needs an excellent design for it to operate efficiently as the bump feed mechanism. Automatic feed mechanism eliminates vibrations.


Fixed Head Feed – Fixed head strimmers will require that you replace the old lines with new ones when the old ones break. Mostly, fixed head feeds are sometimes found on large strimmers that use tough lines to avoid interrupting work. Tough lines require changing less frequently.


Power Source


A garden strimmer can either be powered by a battery, gasoline, or a corded electric. Corded electric models are the cheapest of the three types and are the most popular in the UK. They are less expensive, lightweight, and are best used for cutting around trees.


They are also good for edging driveways and for walkways. They are a good option if you have a long extension cord or an outdoor outlet. It is rare to find an outdoor cord that is longer than 100 ft, so if you want to trim a larger area this may not be ideal.


Battery-powered models are a good choice for a person with a small yard with moderate and small grass areas that need to be trimmed and edged. The drawback of this model is that the battery may not last for more than 30 minutes. If your lawn mower is battery powered, you can buy a strimmer from the same brand so you can use the batteries interchangeably.


Gas-powered models are great for cutting high weeds, tall grass, and areas that have thicker stalks. They can run indefinitely and go anywhere provided you keep adding fuel. The drawback with this type of strimmer is that they are loud and you may need hearing protection while working with it.


Gas strimmers with a four-cycle engine can run on regular gasoline. Make sure you add a fuel stabilizer to the gas if you want to store it for a long time as the ethanol in the gas can gum up the engine. This can make it difficult to start the machine.


Two-cycle gas strimmers are usually less expensive than most four-cycle models but they require you to mix oil and gas in specific proportions before using it. Also, they emit more pollutants.



What Kind Of Strimmer Do I Need?


When deciding on the best strimmer to buy, you should first consider the material or materials you will need to cut or trim, how large is the area you will work in and are there any noise restrictions you need to take into consideration?


Strimmer For A Small Garden


The choice could be any type of strimmer for a small or medium-sized garden. Here, the choice comes down to budget and preference as all the models work well. If you have a small area to trim and you will only trim grass such as a flowerbed, the sidewalk, or driveway then a curved shaft trimmer may be a good choice for you. These curved shaft units are very light and are easy to use in small or confined areas but they have more than enough power to get the job done.


Strimmer For A Larger Garden


If the area you will work in is larger such as a rural setting or if you are cutting heavy grasses and weeds a straight shaft unit would probably be best for you. In settings like this, you may only need to trim the grass. We also recommend gas or cordless options for larger gardens because they are more powerful, portable, and they get the job done faster.


Strimmer For Long Grass


For cutting long grasses, select a model with a longer shaft model as well as a powerful motor. This is because the strimmer needs more power to cut through the grass as it has to cut through clumps of grass while also throwing the debris away. So a strimmer with a line is better for this job than models with a blade.


Most people are now buying the electric corded grass strimmers because they now use Lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery is easier to charge and they hold their charge longer.


You should not base your choice only on cost if you are shopping for the best strimmer for long grass. Ensure you consider the factors we have explained above and you will be able to choose a strimmer that will serve your needs best.



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