Robot Lawn Mower For Large Lawns – A Helpful Guide

robot lawn mower for large lawns



Autonomous Lawn Mower For Large Lawns


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Why Buy An Robot Lawn Mower For A Large Lawn?

How Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

What To Look For In A Robot Lawn Mower

Autonomous Lawn Mowers For Large Lawns – Reviews



Taking care of our lawns can be a very challenging and time-consuming task, especially if the lawns are significantly large. However, technological advancements have made most operations and processes more convenient and faster.


Autonomous lawn mowers – also referred to as robotic or automatic lawn mowers are the latest advanced lawn mowers available in the market. But first, please read on to learn more about why you should buy a robotic mower, how it works, and essential features to look for.



Why Buy An Autonomous Lawn Mower?


More Quality Time

Higher Safety Standards

They Work Quietly

Can Operate In Both Rain And Shine

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Beneficial For People With Allergies

They Are Easier To Install

They Are Economical

A Healthy And Green Lawn

They Are Convenient


Maybe you must have visited a friend, relative, or some organization recently and instantly fell in love with their beautifully cut lawn? If yes, then you’ll probably want to achieve the same results in your lawn without much effort? Well, this could be the time to consider buying an autonomous lawn mower.


This kind of mower comes with quite a number of benefits that you can enjoy immediately after installing one in your garden. Below are some of the main benefits of a robotic mower.


More Quality Time


The mower works autonomously after the installation and programming processes are complete. You’ll have to provide a schedule which the device will follow as you concentrate on other important work or family duties. This is an especially important advantage of a robot lawn mower if your lawn is especially large. It could save you many hours of hard work.


Higher Safety Standards


The modern autonomous lawn mower contains plenty of security features which make them very safe. For instance, the blades are designed to stop immediately when the machine is lifted or tilted.

Also, in the event of the device hitting an obstacle, the sensors will cause the device to stop and drive in a different direction. The device is also designed to return back to the weatherproof station to recharge before continuing when the battery is low.


They Work Quietly


robot lawn mowerWhen compared to conventional lawn mowers with about 90 dB, a variety of robotic lawn mowers are much quieter with about 60 dB (about the same as a dishwasher). This means you can mow your lawn at night without disturbing the neighbors. And you can also spend time relaxing in your garden while the mower is at work without being disturbed by the noise.


Can Operate In Both Rain And Shine


With robotic mowers, you won’t have to worry about leaving them to operate in the rain or sunshine. The mowers are made with a waterproof casing and blades that won’t be affected by wet or dry grass.


They Are More Environmentally Friendly


Robotic mowers emit 0 emissions since they’re run by batteries. This is different from gas mowers which emit gases which can be hazardous to our environment.


Beneficial For People With Allergies


Are you allergic to blooming flowers, weeds, or grass? If so then an autonomous lawn mower will be a great help in reducing your exposes to these allergens.


They Are Easier To Install


Robot lawn mowers are very easy to set up and install. As you’ll learn later, you’ll only need to lay the boundary wire fixed with pegs to the ground to signal the area to be covered by the mower.


They Are Economical


Although autonomous lawn mowers can be expensive as an initial purchase, they use up significantly less energy so will save money over the long run. And you also need to consider the time you’ll save that can be spent on other productive activities.


A Healthy And Green Lawn


Autonomous mowers usually cut the grass into fine pieces leaving the mulch on the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer. Additionally, this mulch contains up to 80% water which ends up moisturizing the lawn.


They Are Convenient


One good thing about autonomous lawn mowers is that they whirl around in a random pattern hence preventing the formation of ugly cutting lines. The design allows these devices to cope with slopes and uneven surfaces.



How Do Autonomous Lawn Mowers Work?



The working mechanism of autonomous mowers is quite different from that of conventional mowers. The robotic mowers use a simple mapping system. You’ll only need to set out a boundary wire to mark the area you intend to be cut. This boundary wire should also cover areas with obstacles within the lawn.


But how exactly is this boundary wire useful? When the mower approaches the wire, it detects it and will randomly move in a different direction to avoid the wire. The random course changes ensure there are no unsightly track lines visible in the lawn owing to the repeated crossings. The wire is also meant to direct the mower towards the charging station when the battery is about to run dry.


There are advanced mowers with a 360-degree radar sensor that can detect obstacles and potential hazards in their path. Should the mowers hit something along the path as they mow, there are integrated automatic alarm and shutdown feature installed in them to enhance the safety of the machines.


Almost all robotic mowers contain collision sensors installed in their front bumper to help them change their course as soon as they hit the obstacle.


A good number of robotic mowers contain a random-mow system which allows them to mow in a straight line and only change their direction when they hit an obstacle. In the end, they’ll have covered the entire lawn leaving it attractive and in a healthy length.


However, this random-walk system has – in some systems – been incorporated into a more planned grid-mow pattern that not only allows the device to navigate any obstacles and mow all possible places including the corners but also leaves the lawn neatly lined.


But that’s not enough. Some models come with GPS systems which you can use to program a specific path or pattern you want to be mowed.


The emergence and development of mobile applications have made it possible to have an app that allows you to schedule cutting times and monitor the operation of the mower at any particular time.


Onboard control panels are also common in most devices, and these are meant to make your work much more manageable.



What To Look For In An Autonomous Lawn Mower


Anti-Theft Features

Safety Features

Type Of Battery


Area Of Coverage And Cutting Height

Weather Resistance

Operational And Charging Time

Apps For Mobile Devices

Maximum Slope Tolerance

Type Of Blades


Anti-Theft Features


You may not be around to keep an eye on lawn mower all the time. Some models come with PIN codes and alarm system for their protection and usually activate should they be interfered with without the use of the PIN.


Some even have geofence feature which tends to detect if the device is taken outside a particular GPS area. In such a situation, this feature will activate the alarm system and will lock the mower.


It will then send tracking data to your app to enable you to track and locate it. You can also look for models that are linkable to a specific charging station – probably one which comes with the device – which will make them useless in any other station.


Safety Features


All robotic mowers come with safety features. However, some have extra and more reliable features than others. All come with tilt and lift sensors which make the device to stop spinning instantly should it be tipped or lifted unexpectedly.


In most devices, blades are located under the unit to avoid causing any injuries should the blades come in contact with a pet or human.


Type Of Battery


Some batteries use lead-acid batteries while others use modern lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries only have one major advantage over lithium-ion kind; they’re cheaper.


But the lithium-ion batteries can hold much more charger, charge much faster (1-2 hours against 16-20 hours), last for many charge cycles, and degrades much slower than lead-acid batteries of the same size and weight.




This is one of the primary considerations to make. Different autonomous lawn mowers come in different prices, depending on their features. You’ll need to consider why you need an autonomous mower and how much you’re willing to spend.


It’s important to consider that the maintenance and servicing costs of a robotic mower are significantly low as they have fewer mechanical parts, unlike the conventional mowers.


Area Of Coverage And Cutting Height


The size of your garden will determine the type of robotic lawn mower to look for. This is especially important if you have a large lawn. Most popular devices are known to cover between 2,200m and 3000m while some can cover even as much as 6000m.


Most autonomous lawnmowers top out at a maximum cutting height of about 60 mm. However, some models can go up to a maximum cutting height of about 102 mm. Your lawn needs and specifications should help you decide on the type of robotic machine to go for.


robotic lawn mower large lawns


Weather Resistance


Most robotic mowers can operate in both rainy and sunny conditions. However, conditions like severe freezing and stormy conditions might be dangerous for these devices. Especially those using lithium-ion batteries which don’t respond well in freezing conditions.


You may opt for mowers with moisture sensors that can return to the station should it detect rain or low temperatures.


Operational And Charging Time


A lot of factors come into play when it comes to the mowers run time – blade type, size of the device, and weight.


Long grass and steep hills are common obstacles that can also affect the machine’s running time. typically, runtime ranges between about 1 hour up to several hours. The duration of charging also varies depending on the battery type, capacity, and charging rate.


Apps For Mobile Devices


autonomous lawn mower app


If you want to be monitoring the progress of your lawn mower while at work or away from the home, you can buy a robotic mower with apps that you can use to control and monitor the performance, cutting pattern, and work schedule of your device.


These apps will allow you to make various adjustments to meet your preferred standards and the potential of your device. These devices tend to have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity which makes it possible to log in and make necessary changes to the settings on your smartphone.


Maximum Slope Tolerance


The design of an autonomous lawn mower is specifically for efficiency and not power. For this reason, a lot of these mowers can’t handle very steep slopes.


Fortunately, there are some robotic mowers that have been designed to handle steep slopes. These machines contain greater battery capacity, more powerful motors, and heavier duty wheels.


Type Of Blades


Autonomous mowers come with either small freely rotating blades or a large individual cutting blade. Both have their own pros and cons which will help you make an informed decision.


For instance, small blades consume little power and are very effective. However, these blades are fragile and can quickly blunt, requiring replacement after a few months.


Mowers using large solitary cutting blades, on the other hand, require replacement less frequently and can cut closer to the edge of the device. However, they create more noise and use more power.



Robot Lawn Mowers – Reviews


Gardena 4069 Autonomous Lawn Mower



The Gardena 4069 is a good entry level autonomous lawnmower. It produces excellent cutting results and as the machine is waterproof it can also be used when it’s raining. This means you can decide when the mower is set to cut the lawn, night or day, rain or shine. It is quiet, energy efficient and is emission-free making it far more environmentally friendly than a conventional lawnmower.


gardena robot lawn mower


It has a range of cutting height from .7″ to 2″ (2cm to 5 cm) which is easily changed with a rotary knob. It has a user-friendly control panel making it easy to install and program and also comes with anti-theft protection. It has a powerful 18V/1.6Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery allowing it cut areas up to 800 square meters (8611 square feet).

Mower Specs:


Size: 24″ x 16″ x 8″.

Weight: 16.5 pounds.

Working Area: 800 square meters.

Battery Type: Lithium Ion.

Mean Energy Consumption: 6 kWh.

Sound Level: 60 dB.


Pros Of The Gardena Robotic Lawn Mower:


Cutting height can be easily set with a rotary knob.

Different mowing times and days can be programmed into the mower.

Is waterproof so can work in the rain.

Anti-theft protection.

Low noise.

Emission-free so is environmentally friendly.

Energy Efficient.

Easy to install and maintain.

Perfectly safe.


Check the price of the Gardena Robot Lawn Mower on Amazon


You can learn about this mower on their official website – Gardena 4069.



McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawnmower


mccolloch robot lawnmower


The McCulloch Autonomous Lawnmower is another excellent entry level mower with a working area of 1000 square meters. As with all robotic lawnmowers, this mower is fully programmable so can be used day or night, and also in rainy weather. The grass clippings are very small and decompose quickly meaning raking up cut grass is less of an issue than with a conventional mower. These fine cuttings act as a fertilizing for your lawn adding nutrients and structure back into the soil.


mcculloch robot lawn mower


It comes with 3 replacements blades, 400 pegs, and a 656-foot boundary wire meaning you ready to go straight out the box. The mower is easy to install and by using the boundary wire can cut around large objects with ease and can also handle slopes up to 25%. It’s also a very quiet mower producing only 60 dBs of sound meaning you won’t disturb either yourself or your neighbors no matter what time of day it’s at work. 


mcculloch robot lawn mower


This mower will leave no tracks or lines after cutting and also comes with an anti-theft alarm and pin code. As the blades immediately stop if the mower is lifted it’s perfectly safe if you have children or pets in the garden while it’s cutting the grass.


Mower Specs:


Size: 59cm x 44cm x 26cm / 23″ x 17″ x 10″.

Weight: 7 kg / 15.43 lbs.

Working Area: 1000 square meters.

Sound Level: 60 dBs.

Battery Type: Lithium Ion.

Charge Time: 50 Minutes.

Cutting Height: 20 – 50 mm / 0.79 – 1.97 inch.

Cutting Width: 17 cm / 6.69 inch.


Pros of the McCulloch Autonomous Lawnmower:


Cuts up to 0.25 acres (11,000 square feet).

Can mow on slopes up to 25 degrees.

Almost silent when in use.

Has rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for zero emissions.

Environmentally friendly.

Alarm to prevent theft and security pin code.

3 durable metal cutting blades.

Come with 400 pegs and a 656 feet long boundary wire.

Comes with 3 metal replacement cutting blades.

Easy to install and program.

Fully programmable – mow your lawn, day or night, rain or shine.

Leaves no tracks or patches.

Perfectly safe for pets and small children.


Check the price of the McCulloch Mower on Amazon


You can read about this lawnmower at their official website – McCulloch Autonomous Lawnmower.



Robomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower


robomow robot lawn mower


Check the price of the Robomow RS612 on Amazon



Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower



Check the price of the Husqvarna Robotic Mower on Amazon





Maintaining a healthy lawn can be quite challenging and time-consuming experience, especially if you’re leading a busy lifestyle. Fortunately, technological advancements have seen the development of robotic lawn mowers.


These mowers have been designed to operate under minimal supervision. Therefore, you can just set the boundary wire in place and program the device then concentrate on your daily duties, and it will take care of your lawn all by itself regardless of whether it’s during the day or night and whether it’s raining or not. You may decide to let the mower work on weekends and at night if you have mischievous pets and kids, for their safety.


After reading this guide, you have all it takes to make an informed decision of the autonomous lawn mower you’re going to buy for your lawn. Just ensure to look for one that meets all your needs in order to enjoy all the benefits that come with it. Good luck as you prepare for the best lawn mowing experience ever!